These photos should help illustrate the BLUF dresscode:

BLUF is the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fan club. The dresscode is strict, and the guidelines below should help you understand it. What follows is the dresscode as described from for BLUF membership approval and for BLUF events.

Please note that for BLUFChicago Gear Night events unless stated as “BLUF Dresscode Required” full fabric uniforms with or without breeches, bike leather and leather kilts (if they are part of a full uniform) are also welcomed. However, a full leather uniform with tall boots is preferred.

There are many options to build your leather uniform from online retailers and ebay, to your local military surplus, biker leather store, special event fetish markets and most importantly your local leather craftsmen.

Check out the “shop” links for sources and when and where possible support your local leather craftsmen they will make you look good and your items will be made to fit like a glove.

Dresscode from

What are breeches?

As far as BLUF is concerned, breeches are trousers with ‘balloons’ on the thighs, as seen in pictures from Tom of Finland. They may be made of leather or fabric.

What’s included in the dress code:

Breeches: both leather and fabric breeches are ok. So, a pair of fabric motorcyle or military breeches as part of a complete fabric uniform is ok.

Leather Uniform: a full leather uniform is the preferred clothing for most BLUF members. That is tall boots, leather trousers (often breeches), with a leather shirt, tie, Sam Browne belt, gloves, cap and jacket.

Police-style motorcyle outfits, including replicas, are ok.

What’s acceptable, at our discretion:

Fantasy leather uniforms, if they look realistic, and are mostly leather. But a fantasy uniform based on something from very long ago, or from science fiction probably won’t be accepted.

A uniform that is part leather is usually ok, for example a fabric uniform with a leather jacket, leather trousers or shirt, or a uniform that is mostly leather, with a fabric shirt.

We appreciate that a full leather uniform can be expensive, and often some elements are omitted, for example, the jacket, or cap and sometimes one or more of the smaller items, but the ‘Leather Uniform’ idea is paramount for BLUF.

That means more than just leather trousers and a shirt with a patch on the sleeve, or a set of handcuffs. Tall boots that cover the trousers are generally preferable to shorter boots that are covered by trousers.

Symbols and badges:

Any and all Nazi symbols, slogans and codes are unacceptable, whether in photographs, profile text, or at BLUF events.

What’s not included:

The following specifically do not comply with the BLUF dresscode:

  • fabric uniforms without breeches
  • bike leathers, other than police bike gear
  • chaps, of any material
  • body harnesses
  • t shirts and underwear, including jockstraps
  • sportswear, rubber, skinhead gear
  • cross-dressing, nudity and bare chests

Note that generally, only what is explicitly mentioned in the first part of the dresscode is acceptable; the list of what’s not included is intended to give you a guide, based on some of the most common reasons why we reject photos and membership applications.

I am dresscode ready.